Thought leadership

Delivering best-in-class, sustainable solutions to our clients starts with thought leadership. Credit Suisse produces regular thought leadership pieces and research to inform investors and the wider public on key sustainability issues, partnering with prominent practitioners in the field and drawing on our global network of analysts, strategists and economists. In 2020, we published a number of reports highlighting emerging sector trends and themes, including the rise of alternative proteins and in particular their increasing popularity in Asia, as well as our publications on investors and the blue economy, focusing on SDG 14:

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, we recognized that the great challenges it brought also made apparent the need to transform the education industry through education technology, highlighting trends and opportunities for investors as well as the positive impact of Education Technology (EdTech) in achieving UN SDG 4: Quality Education. We also launched our ongoing “Exploring Impact” series, in which we examine developments in the sustainable and impact investing sector.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) is Credit Suisse’s in-house think tank. It studies long-term economic developments that have a global impact within and beyond the financial services sector. The CSRI publishes original research on topics ranging from economics and monetary policy to gender equality and consumer behavior as well as sustainability. In 2020, the CSRI published sustainability-related reports on the long-term implications of COVID-19 on existing trends, the impact of the pandemic on the distribution of wealth and the energy transition.

Global ESG Equity Strategy - Beyond the Pandemic: The Green-Shaped Recovery: This report uses our proprietary global policy database to construct sensitivity analysis, concluding that the market is underestimating the scale and impact of green stimulus at the global level. Breaking the stimulus into four key themes: Energy Transition; Transport & Infrastructure; Energy Efficiency; and the Circular Economy, we outline key drivers and key beneficiaries.