“Growth spurt” for sustainable investing

Through our Research, CIO and advisory teams, we continue to expand our investment suite to provide clients with a larger and more diversified set of options across the spectrum of sustainable investing. Our investment strategies for managed accounts offer access to a full range of financial instruments, with a mix of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), customized environmental, social and governance (ESG) products, private equity and alternative investments that aim to generate attractive returns while integrating ESG criteria and specific impact themes. Our sustainable product offering takes ESG factors into consideration in the investment strategy as a baseline and our product shelf includes a suite of products that go further in seeking to deliver a positive social and environmental impact that is both measurable and intentional.

Looking back, it is clear that sustainable finance has come a long way. When we first embarked upon the sustainable investment journey with our clients nearly two decades ago, there were limited sustainable options available in the market and even fewer that proactively sought to address climate change. We have seen a significant shift over the past decade, with significant growth in sustainable and impact investing, driven in part by a greater recognition from the world’s leading investors that exciting opportunities exist to tackle systemic challenges while also generating attractive returns.