Climate-aware solutions for wealth management clients

For those clients who seek a more holistic investment strategy, we introduced a new actively-managed discretionary solution in 2020, offering our clients with exposure to companies that contribute to efforts to adapt to and/or mitigate climate change. This solution provides clients with the opportunity to generate financial returns, while integrating ESG factors into the security selection process and focusing on climate themes that offer strong investment opportunities.

The solution covers five themes linked to climate change: water and the ocean; green energy; smart cities; food and agriculture; and health and inclusion. The mandate solution invests in climate leaders and helps support sustainable development and human prosperity. In terms of financial returns, the strategy seeks out opportunities arising from climate change by investing in companies already prepared for it.

Next to an active and carefully constructed tactical and strategic asset allocation (SAA), the mandate solution aims to add value through its special fund selection process in which each fund is directly allocated to one of the climate subthemes. The mandate also provides investors with dedicated climate reporting (i.e. theme allocation, market updates regarding new climate policies and sustainability metrics), access to a dedicated portfolio manager as well as a sustainability expert – all of which provide increased transparency to clients.