In the area of philanthropy, Credit Suisse works with clients to help them incorporate their personal values and objectives into their philanthropic engagements. We can create sub-foundations for clients under one of Credit Suisse’s umbrella charitable foundations – Accentus, Empiris and Symphasis in Switzerland or SymAsia in Singapore. Since they were established, the Swiss umbrella foundations have distributed a total of more than CHF 150 million to over 3,300 charitable initiatives worldwide, and in 2020 they carried out 251 projects in developing countries and in Switzerland. In Asia, SymAsia has received USD 150 million of donor-advised funds and has gifted around USD 111 million since it was established in 2010.

To further support organizations committed to charitable goals, the bank is running a Competence Center for Charitable Foundations, which bundles the bank’s internal expertise from a wide range of areas in order to create a practice-led offering for charitable foundations domiciled in Switzerland. The aim of the advisory service of the Competence Center is to help foundation clients determine the best way to convey their defined values and achieve long-term impact. The Competence Center Charitable Foundations provides services and solutions for the management of a foundation and its assets, and promotion of its charitable objectives.