Our company

Our strategy is to be a leading Wealth Manager with strong global Investment Banking capabilities.

Facts and figures

As one of the world’s leading banks, we are committed to delivering our financial experience and expertise to corporate, institutional and government clients as well as to ultra-high-net-worth individuals worldwide, in addition to affluent and retail clients in Switzerland.


Balanced business portfolio

In 2020, our balanced business portfolio encompassed three regionally focused divisions. Furthermore, we created a global Investment Bank to build a client-centric global platform with critical scale for corporate, institutional and entrepreneurial clients. Our business divisions cooperate closely to provide holistic financial solutions, including innovative products and specially tailored advice.


Shareholder base

Credit Suisse shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange in the form of American Depositary Shares. We have a broad shareholder base, with the majority of shares owned directly or indirectly by institutional investors outside Switzerland. At end-2020, 101,560 shareholders were registered in our share register with 1,391,801,051 shares, representing 57% of the total shares issued.


Urs Rohner

Chairman of the Board of Directors

We improved our governance structure around sustainability through the creation of SRI at the Executive Board level, the designation of our first Sustainability Leader at the Board of Directors, and the creation of a Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Urs Rohner on Credit Suisse’s sustainability achievements: