A strong foundation

Our clients increasingly recognize the importance of incorporating ESG factors into their portfolios. However, there is the added complexity, given the fast-evolving nature of the sustainable investing market. Credit Suisse offers a multitude of funds and single instrument options that capture the broad climate thematic. Our goal is to continue to expand our investment suite to provide our clients with an increasingly larger, diversified set of options.

Our sustainable product offering is based on our Credit Suisse Sustainable Investment Framework (see infographic on page 80), which outlines our investment approach across the sustainable investment strategies of exclusion, integration and thematic and impact-aligned and investing strategies. This framework has been developed by our specialists, who have deep expertise in sustainability and portfolio management. In 2020, we developed a comprehensive internal sustainability classification system for funds to indicate which investments are compatible with these sustainable investing strategies, providing transparency to clients and allowing them to align their portfolios with their sustainability preferences. We also began the process to classify single securities along a sustainability spectrum to further assist our clients in identifying sustainability aware companies, sustainability leaders and those companies delivering deep impact.