Employee networks and stakeholder engagement

Credit Suisse supports multi-dimensional internal employee networks worldwide that serve as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience, thus fostering mutual understanding and helping to strengthen our corporate culture. Employee networks play a critical role in embedding a diverse and inclusive culture, amplifying the voices of our diverse talent and their perspectives, and building empathy through the lived experiences of our employees. Our networks support and advocate for underrepresented talent at the bank and influence our Diversity and Inclusion strategy and initiatives. These networks – which are run by employees on a voluntary basis – are dedicated to women, families, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals (LGBT+), people with disabilities, US veterans, multi-generations, and different races and ethnicities. In 2020, over 28,000 employees participated in our employee networks globally. We also continue to proactively engage with external stakeholders – clients, investors, governments and regulators – who all have a keen interest in how we think about diversity and inclusion and from whom we can learn to evolve our thinking.