Attractive working environment and new ways of working

At Credit Suisse, we consider it important to offer our employees modern and flexible working models. Our office environment, which has been designed according to the Smart Working concept in many locations, allows employees to choose their workspace based on their needs at a specific point in time. Approximately 30,000 employees now work in Smart Working environments in our offices worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a major impact on many areas of our society, including the way we work. In March 2020, work from home arrangements were implemented at Credit Suisse on a global scale, which resulted in minimal disruption to our businesses.


In July 2020, we launched a global program to experiment and prepare for the post-pandemic environment. This has enabled us to evaluate various work from home options and track the impact of these options on perceived productivity, teamwork, creativity, social interaction, work/life balance, compliance behavior, risks and environment/energy by reducing daily commuter traffic. Our findings and insights are expected to shape the optimal future working environment at Credit Suisse.