Safeguarding biodiversity and natural capital

In order to preserve the natural habitats and processes that are vital for the survival of human beings, animals and other species, significantly more capital will be required than has so far been deployed. Credit Suisse is active in the conservation finance space, which focuses on the creation of new, long-term and diversified sources of revenue that can play a role in ensuring terrestrial as well as marine biodiversity conservation and the health of natural ecosystems. Credit Suisse in 2020 continued its commitment to supporting nature conservation by expanding our financing structures and opportunities for investors.

Our investment products focused on SDG 14 aim to have a tangible impact on the health of our oceans by halting destruction of the ocean and simultaneously promoting restorative processes to protect this vital resource. Credit Suisse is also a member of the advisory network for the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.

In 2020, we hosted the eighth Credit Suisse Annual Conservation Finance Investor Conference, providing a forum where investors, practitioners and philanthropists can discuss solutions to catalyze investments in the conservation finance sector.