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Client and investor interest in sustainability continued to increase significantly in 2021 and this topic is now at the forefront of many of our interactions with clients, business partners, and other stakeholders. At the same time, regulatory developments and media coverage have had an impact on the perception of how the financial industry is managing the associated risks. Consumers, clients and investors around the globe are calling on companies to take greater account of long-term externalities, such as the impact of their operations on the environment, and to help preserve natural capital and finite resources. As a result, there is a trend among businesses across many sectors to seek ways to transition to more sustainable business models that address the risks and leverage the potential of this economic and market transformation.

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At Credit Suisse, we think it is more important than ever to be transparent not only about what we do for and about sustainability as an organization, but also about how our sustainable investment and finance frameworks support our clients on their sustainability journey to transition to a more sustainable future in their investment portfolios and their businesses. As a global bank, we play a key role in directing capital to finance the realization of the UN SDGs. We help individuals invest to make a positive impact and support entrepreneurs to find new solutions for social and environmental problems. In 2020, we launched our Sustainable Investment Framework. In 2021, we continued to implement our strategy by, among other things we will highlight in the coming pages, launching our Sustainable Activities Framework governing our financing and company-related advisory activities.