2021 Highlights

Founding member of the

Net Zero Banking Alliance

Created the Credit Suisse

Sustainable Activities Framework (SAF)

to provide transparency, rigor and accountability when assessing whether individual transactions should qualify towards our commitment for Sustainable Finance

Set targets to increase representation of women globally and

Black talent representation

in the US/UK, both overall and in management positions

Disclosed against the

WEF IBC Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics

for the first time

Received Terra Carta Seal as part of the

Sustainable Markets Initiative

Co-founded the

SDG Impact Finance Initiative (SIFI)

as a public-private partnership, which aims to mobilize financing for the SDGs in developing countries

Incorporated more clearly defined ESG metrics into

Executive compensation

Made commitment to 2030 and 2050 carbon reduction goals for oil, gas and coal financing, aligned to our

Net Zero Ambition

Credit Suisse reported in line with the

Poseidon Principles

for the first time in December 2021