Maintaining safe and stable operations –
Business Continuity Management

The group-wide Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program is in place to support the maintenance of critical business processes in the event of a major internal or external incident. The aim of the BCM Program is to exercise a duty of care to employees, protect client and company assets and minimize the financial, regulatory, reputational and strategic impact of such incidents. The Credit Suisse BCM program is derived from and adheres to a number of regulatory, governmental and industry standards and guidelines including those related to operational resilience.

Having ensured the continued operations as well as the safety and well-being of our staff throughout the various waves of COVID-19, Credit Suisse turned its efforts to resuming normal business operations where possible in 2021. The use of a hybrid model, of staff returning to the office and the successful use of the home working environment, has likewise changed the bank’s overall response plans going forward. Utilizing the lessons learned and capabilities implemented (e.g. building up infrastructure to support the new enhanced levels of remote working arrangements) during the pandemic should allow the firm to leverage an even more robust and flexible response capability for future crises, including future pandemic threats. These new capabilities in conjunction with the continued work around operational resilience, are laying the foundation for a forward-looking model to both address and be prepared for the ever-evolving threat landscape facing our industry in the future.