Axel P. Lehmann

Chairman of the Board of Directors

This report builds on our conviction that sustainable policies and strategies begin with transparency and a clear governance framework. We believe a strong risk management culture is critical for the success of our Group and for our approach to climate and sustainability risk. Our Sustainability Report also outlines our strategy to improve diversity and inclusion, as well as the important role we play in supporting our communities and society.

Thomas Gottstein

Chief Executive Officer

Our new Group strategy puts sustainability at the core of our value proposition, grounded in our firm belief that such a focus is central to long-term growth for our clients and ourselves. We are committed to helping our clients in their transition to a lower carbon future, and have made significant progress towards meeting our commitment of CHF 300 billion in sustainable finance by 2030. This report outlines our achievements as well as areas where we still need to improve – as we set our sights higher for 2022 and beyond.

Iris Bohnet

Board of Directors Sustainability Leader

Thought leadership plays an important role in developing sustainable solutions. Our top-notch research – including reports examining Supertrends, biodiversity and gender diversity in the labor force – are important contributions to the public debate. We were delighted in 2021 to hold our first Sustainability Week and our 5th annual Global Women’s Financial Forum to bring together global leaders from business and public policy to discuss ways to create sustainable, shared prosperity.