Escalation and whistleblowing

A global whistleblowing framework that ensures independence, confidentiality and thorough investigation processes is an essential component of good governance at Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse is constantly enhancing its global framework to apply best-in-class practices and fulfil regulatory expectations. Over the last four years such enhancements have included the launch of a web-based Integrity Line, which allows anonymous two-way communication between reporters and the bank; enhanced governance and involvement of the Credit Suisse conduct and ethics ombudsperson for matters concerning allegations of sexual harassment and diversity discrimination; and a centralized approach to tracking and reporting of escalated concerns to closure.

The Audit Committee oversees the bank’s escalation framework and is kept apprised of key developments, risk themes and outcomes of matters via an annual in-depth presentation and recurring consolidated reporting through the quarterly Compliance Risk Report. Other governance forums are also regularly kept informed regarding developments of the escalation framework and the handling of matters. The items raised are not limited to disciplinary proceedings where relevant, but also include root cause and lessons learned where applicable. Employees globally have been educated about the escalation framework through a multitude of communication measures, presentations to internal committees, and trainings featuring the requirement and encouragement to speak up. Employees are also provided with clear guidance regarding the investigation process including confidentiality and protection against retaliation.