Leadership and executive development

After the successful conversion of our programs to virtual offerings in the prior year, 2021 provided an opportunity to enhance our Management Excellence and Leadership Code programs to focus on the capabilities required for leadership in the current environment. We responded to new ways of working with deep dives into topics such as Agile Leadership, Leading in a Hybrid Environment and Leading Remotely. As a result, 1,500 managers were trained specifically on how to effectively lead in an environment where empathy, understanding of flexible work preferences and increased connections across virtual teams are the key to successful team engagement in the new world.

2021 also saw the introduction of a virtual Managing Director curriculum and a virtual New Managing Director program. Adding to our existing talent offerings, which include the Senior Talent Program and the Emerging Leaders Program, we have increased our focus on early talents by officially launching our CEO-sponsored Leadership Experience and Acceleration Program (LEAP). LEAP provides a unique opportunity for 30 early talents to participate in a two-year mobility experience to accelerate their growth. We have also continued to focus our diversity and inclusion efforts by fully rolling out our Inclusive Leadership training to over 1,800 managers across all regions and divisions as well as launching our Advancing Inclusion page.