Our role in the economy and society

We want to create value for our clients and shareholders by conducting our business responsibly and sustainably. Through our diverse activities, we also aim to support the efficient functioning of the economy and to play a constructive role in society.

Our primary function as a global bank is to be a reliable and professional partner to our clients around the world, offering them a range of financial products and services to meet their individual needs. In this context, Credit Suisse also performs functions that are viewed as systemically relevant, including deposit-taking and lending. We play an important role as a financial intermediary, bringing together borrowers and lenders of capital globally – from companies and public sector bodies to private individuals and institutions. We supply businesses with the capital resources they need to expand their activities and finance innovation, thus helping to drive economic growth and job creation. By assuming market and credit risks, banks make an important contribution to the efficient functioning of the economic system. Effective risk management is a significant part of this process. In the credit business, for example, we analyze, measure and monitor credit risk exposures and charge appropriate interest rates on loans. Our capital policy is intended to ensure that we are capable of absorbing potential credit losses in a variety of stress scenarios. In early 2020, the global economy faced the challenge of how to respond to the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19. As a bank, we have put in place various response measures in order to ensure continuity of our business operations and protect the health and safety of our employees and their families.